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Are you stuck?

I don’t know, you think to yourself. Define “stuck.”

Repeating the same patterns, doing the same thing over and over again, unable to do things any differently, feeling controlled, trapped, all while feeling an emotion that you know is the opposite of content.


Searching for the exit in a maze for hours, days, months, and years on end?

Never finding that elusive exit.

Panic sets in – HOW DO I GET OUT?

Please tell me how I get out of this vicious cycle. Please?

Who are you right now?


Are you open or shut?

Are you scared, sleepless, crying on the couch (can’t get off), ruminating, hiding under a rock (I’m not coming out until it’s fixed)?

Are you panicked, running in circles (searching for the exit, where is that &^%#! exit? THIS MUST BE IT!), mowing people down, out of your head in your quest, BREAKING THE WALLS DOWN to find that exit?

or are you a mix of hiding (mouse under the rock) and determined (crow opening the cage)?

Think about it.

Who are you?

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