What are your rules for a successful life? And how did you develop the rules you follow?

I frequently ask myself that question, as most of my life, I followed a set of rules that I seemed to have absorbed from the air around me. Only within the last ten years did I begin designing the life I want to live. The path I follow changes as I gather experience and self-awareness.

I’ve recently developed a new life rule: I will only work on Collaborative Divorce files that utilize a divorce coach and an equitable, inclusive, team-based approach.

A Collaborative Divorce is a process guiding participants toward a happier life. While participants often think the overriding goal of the Collaborative Process is to avoid court, the actual design behind it is to support individuals and families as they navigate a challenging life transition to live happier lives. And, if parents, they can co-parent more effectively in the future. The Collaborative Process requires each party to sign a Participation Agreement promising to stay out of the court system because it is impossible to have equitable and inclusive planning sessions with threats of court looming over everyone’s head. The couple does not need to know how to collaborate; the process helps those in conflict by providing structure to help couples minimize conflict while navigating their separation process.

I work as a Financial Neutral in Collaborative Divorce, a journey inspired by my experience with separation and divorce. I help individuals and families get the financial clarity they need to make the best financial choices for their future.

Pre-separation, my path meandered from science to accounting, yet unhappiness persisted. I landed in a finance job that paid well but left me unfulfilled. Eventually, my husband and I realized our unhappiness and tried various solutions but decided divorce was the only option. We entered the world of Collaborative Divorce, which transformed our lives.

After our divorce and using the glimmer of hope from my divorce and life coach, I embarked on helping others navigate difficult life transitions.

Fast forward ten years, and I’ve conquered my habit of reacting to life and external influences. I commit to only work on Collaborative Divorce cases that incorporate a divorce coach. I want to use my life experiences to support my family, friends, and clients in the best way possible, and this is my way of doing so.