Who needs a Financial Planner?

We all could benefit from having a financial planner. It’s a statement I wish weren’t true, but our current financial education systems often leave Canadians ill-prepared to navigate life successfully and happily.

You might hear arguments that some individuals have so much wealth that they’ll never need to worry about money or financial planning. Conversely, some might argue that those with limited resources don’t require financial planning either.

However, both of these arguments miss the mark. The truth is that almost everyone has grown up with the belief that there’s never enough money, which is why everyone needs to create a personal financial plan, especially before significant life changes. Without it, you might make choices based on a sense of scarcity rather than decisions that align with your values.

You should explore how a financial planner can help you break free from such constraints in life. Take the time to learn about the various types and styles of financial planning available. Financial Planners all share a common purpose – to help clients build wealth, but the key is to find the right financial planner who can tailor their approach to your unique needs and aspirations.