A financial plan does not have to be a big, scary project. It can be small steps to get you where you want to go. I can help you plan for short-term goals with a twelve-week financial plan.

The Twelve-Week Financial Plan 

  • I send you a template to fill out.
  • You send me back the template with a stated goal you wish to achieve in 12 weeks.
  • We have a 30-minute meeting online to discuss your information and goals
  • I provide you with an implementation plan
  • I follow up with you every two weeks to ensure you are on track and to motivate you if you are not

If you want to plan for a big goal, such as retirement or your child’s education, I can help. Please contact me to discuss a personalized financial plan.

“Renée combines sensitive and sensible financial advice to guide her clients towards achieving their needs and dreams as they choose to define them”
Nicole B.
“Before working with Renée , it was challenging for us to find a way to productively discuss our personal finances with each other. We both had general unease and discomfort around discussing money and our financial situation. Renée allowed us to discuss our finances with each other by providing a non-judgmental yet honest and informative setting. With Renée help, we created and have maintained a spending plan for the past year and now feel confident that we have some structure and tools to help us reach our financial goals and plan our life the way we want. Decisions around money are no longer stressful! Plus Renée gave us some great tips on where we could save money.”
Kon and Aki