My Purpose

My purpose is to help you discover new dreams in the midst and aftermath of life and financial difficulties.

If you were to look at my credentials (CPA, CA, M.B.A., and CFDS), you might think I’m a typical accountant.

But I’m not.

While I’m not a typical accountant, it seems I was destined to become one because here I am despite the circuitous route I took to avoid being one.

Strangely enough, as I stood in the ruins of my separation and divorce, I realized that accounting was my lifeline.

I grabbed my accounting lifeline and discovered a new path entirely different from the rules and map I was initially given to live my life.  My separation and divorce journey was emotionally exhausting, but it helped me relearn and embrace who I am while setting myself and my two children on a new path with new dreams.

After my divorce, I embarked on a journey as a part-time single mom and sole proprietor. This experience has helped me become a guide who understands how the current medical, legal, financial, and educational systems can trap us from living our desired lives.

My Approach

As an accountant, my approach is not typical. I do not begin by analyzing the numbers. Instead, I prioritize conversing with you to gain insight into who you are beneath any obstacles hindering your progress. This helps me understand your unique situation and find the best way forward for you.

I also do not believe in saving at all costs. I view a financial plan as a means of progress, not a restriction.

Pulling from my own experience and the school of life, I help to clarify the financial confusion. With my assistance, you can find your way forward with the necessary tools and understanding to calm your fears of financial failure.

Getting Off the Transformation Rollercoaster

I understand the ups and downs of personal transformation and how it can make you feel brave one day and overwhelmed the next. It can be challenging to stay on track when every twist and turn feels like an invitation to disaster. I aim to work with you to achieve balance while helping you find a new life path free from the rollercoaster of emotions.

Boring as it may sound, having a plan for your money can keep you calm and centred.

The financial plans we build together for you are based on your values, needs and circumstances, not mine.

My goal is to help you move beyond a financial and life predicament so that you can embrace your future with clarity and hope.

Why am I so good at helping people align their values with their financial reality?

Because I have lived it, I know the stress (and financial havoc) of not living according to my values. I found this out when faced with marital collapse and the prospect of living as a single mom with two young children after 20 years with the same person.

If you are in a conflict involving financial difficulties, you may feel you cannot live your dreams.

I will help you find a path out and help you get back on track. It is never too late to start.

Some of my credentials:

Life experience!


Collaborative Divorce Vancouver – Co-Chair from 2020 to 2022 and Current Board Member

Chartered Divorce Financial Specialist