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My purpose is to help individuals see that there is hope and a way out of the financial predicament that they may find themselves in, whether it be facing a divorce, being newly widowed or bankruptcy.

I can help you because:

I am what you would call a “typical accountant “(sigh, it’s true).

I came to accounting as a calling. I started saving at the age of five, put those savings into an RRSP as soon as I had contribution room and did my tax returns as soon as I had a job. I LOVE doing tax returns. I’m not sure how people could think that tax returns aren’t fun. Bookkeeping and budgets are fun too!

But don’t let my strong accounting traits put you off because, in many ways, I’m not your typical accountant.

I don’t adhere to the rigid accounting concept of saving at all costs. Second, I listen empathetically to you and discuss your financial situation in a non-threatening way. I help individuals and families create spending plans and financial goals that align with their values and beliefs.

That said, I love to save money in every facet of my life, and I will happily share all my strategies, but I am open-minded and love to help people figure out the spending habits that will make them happy. No two financial plans are alike, just as no two individuals are alike.

Why am I so good at helping people align their values with their financial reality?

Because I have lived it. I know the stress (and financial havoc) of not living according to my values. I found this out when I was faced with marital collapse and the prospect of living as a single person after 20 years with the same person.

If you are in the middle of a conflict involving financial difficulties, you may feel that you cannot live your dreams.

I will help you find a path out and help you get back on track. It is never too late to start.

Some of my credentials:

Life experience!


Collaborative Divorce Vancouver – Co-Chair from 2020 to 2022 and Current Board Member

Chartered Divorce Financial Specialist