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While I might not know the exact feelings you are having right now about being in the process of separation and divorce, I do know a few things that can make the process easier for you.

For example, A separation agreement won’t help you on the days you have to have conversations with your ex about money, or the kids. A separation agreement won’t give you complete peace of mind, or the ability to embrace the freedom to grow as yourself. A separation agreement won’t assuage any anger, frustration or guilt you feel about your ex or your marriage.

When I was faced with divorce in 2013, I didn’t know what to expect – just that I’d been taught to accept what was offered and to give up on wanting anything for myself. ¬†What did I want? How would I get it? I muddled along with the not knowing, fighting with my ex, and tussling over everything related to our kids. It was the same story, but we had two different addresses.

Divorce takes time. When you work with a divorce team, you aren’t just buying a ‘separation agreement’, you are choosing to move towards a future that includes being able to talk to your ex about the kids, about money, about the things that matter, without having to battle your way through each conversation.

Time that will pass whether you engage or not.

My role on your team is to help with the finances, which are often the most contentious part of any divorce. What I can say is that when you work with me, you will both be heard. What you want and need are important for the process to work.

Why not book a 30 minute ‘Discovery’ session to find out if you like what we have to offer, or even to help you get grounded as you find your way forward.