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I’m (Not) Worried About You

I’ll never forget when someone said that to me. It was the last day of my back-to-work training course and the facilitator looked at me with her very understanding eyes and said “I worry about you.”

Of all the 20 women in the class, she worried about me.  Being an introvert I couldn’t ask her why at that point (I had to go home and process that one) and by then it was too late. She was gone from my life and I wasn’t about to ask her why she was worried about me over an email.

So I came up with my own reasons and I will tell you, they were not good. I talked myself into the fact that there must be something to worry about in me. This is not a good thought to have about yourself. Especially when you are in the midst of what some would call worrying circumstances (recent divorcée trying to re-enter the workforce).

Fortunately at that same course I had a coach assigned to me. She told me I was fantastic and was going to be a great success. Guess who I called back? Oh it took me a while – two months of worrying about myself until I just couldn’t take it anymore. Then I intuitively knew who I had to call: the person who made me feel good about myself.

That is why I am not the type of financial planner that is going to make you feel bad about your spending habits. I understand that gets you nowhere. What I will do is sit down with you to help you figure out what the best path is for you and then I will cheer you on to get there.



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