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Uncomfortable Equals Motivation

Today I woke up feeling unmotivated. I tried to work for a bit and then decided what I was doing wasn’t getting me anywhere so I took a break.

I pondered the fact that it was cold in my house and the pilot light on the boiler had likely gone out again. I emailed my tenant to ask him to check for me and then I thought about how I should phone the heating and plumbing people to get them to come and do the annual maintenance on the boiler.

I thought about it some more. I thought about how I don’t like having to keep asking my tenant to light the pilot light on the boiler as it’s not his problem.

What was stopping me from phoning the heating and plumbing company? Well, my last few interactions with them have not been pleasant. Last year when the repair person came to do the maintenance in September, my tenant told me the guy texted for the entire hour. Not surprisingly our boiler pilot light kept going out after his visit so I called them back and the same person came again. This time, my tenant told me the repairman actually did some work and not surprisingly our boiler did what is was supposed to do…heat the house.  As the repairman left, he told me that he wouldn’t charge me, as if he was doing me a big favour. I recognised this attitude as it is the same one I get from the receptionists every time I call this company.

These thoughts were the ones that had been stopping me from phoning the company. But it was the decidedly more uncomfortable thoughts about how I was inconveniencing my tenant and how I wasn’t being a responsible homeowner that motivated me to phone the heating and plumbing company this morning.

The receptionist was rude. She told me that they are busy in the fall and then grudgingly said that they had availability in two weeks and then she told me that next year I would have to have my service in the spring or summer.

After talking with her I reflected on the fact that it had gone as I had expected. I realise that I have been justifying using their services. They did good work (eventually) and I didn’t know who else to use.  I was annoyed. Here I was using a company that clearly did not see my value as a customer. This thought moved me to act. I started searching around and found that there are indeed other companies that do this type of work. I phoned one, and the repair person is here as I write this.

This morning I woke up unmotivated. What got me to act? It was the discomfort that I found myself in. In fact, the more discomfort I felt and the worse it got, the more motivated I became. Not only did I finally get someone in to fix the boiler, I wrote my first Yelp review.

It is difficult to be in an uncomfortable place but today I am recognising that those difficult spots we find ourselves in can be very useful. Use that bad place as a stepping stone to get to where you want to be.

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