It’s All Blame’s Fault

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It’s All Blame’s Fault

photo-1461855445185-0ee4225d40b5I like to find answers to the problems in life. I realize that this is impossible and I will drive myself crazy trying to find one answer to life but this week I really feel like I’m getting close.

Really.  Close.


This week I’ve decided that when we get into a rough patch it’s all Blame’s fault.

Blame was being quite obnoxious this past week.

There was Blame when my children were pounding on each other in the back of the car when all I was trying to do was get them to school on time. I know you know what this looks like. “He looked at me funny!” “His arm was on my side of the car!”

(Not surprisingly Blame was also there when I yelled at my children in response. I am such a bad mother, why can’t I talk calmly to my children?)

There was Blame again when I discovered I had made more than one mistake at work in the beginning of September. It was all back to school’s fault – there was just way too much to do.

Blame cropped up in every conversation I had last week.

It cropped up in the conversations I had with people in the middle of a divorce.

It cropped up in multiple conversations with friends who were blaming themselves for their misery.

Blame sidetracked and diverted me from getting anything done last week.

Everyday I tried to tackle Blame in a blog post and every day it thwarted me. It would just not submit. Darn you Blame!

But I think I’ve finally gotten the best of Blame. Oh yes Blame – I’ve got your number.

I’m not going to you anymore. You can take a hike and this is why.

Everytime you turn up you distract everyone from what is really going on.

Blame – you’re a trickster and you steal the show.  You are like some piece of glitter that we cannot turn our eyes away from.

Blame – you trap people. You suck people into trying to prove that you are wrong. The person on the other side of you is dodging and weaving trying to get away from you instead of working with the person that is using you like a shield and a sword.

Blame – you lock people into believing there is one answer.  The world is not black and white Blame.

And the worst thing you do Blame? You are the weapon people use to hurt themselves.

Get out of the way Blame  – move aside. It’s time to make room for communication, understanding and forgiveness.

I’m done with you Blame. I’m moving on.


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  1. MCB October 3, 2016 at 4:25 am

    another great one Renee… let me know how that works for you… been working on it for at least 50 years and Blame is still crashing through the door…

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