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The Blame Game

I went to an awesome workshop a few weeks ago put on by Dr. Sue Goldswain and John Boland. I won’t try to summarize anything I learned, but if you ever need a marriage counsellor – definitely look to these two as an option.

One thing that did pop up though was that it takes two people to build a relationship and two people to take a relationship down.  If a relationship ends up in divorce, both parties played a part.

It was nice to hear that it wasn’t all my fault :).

It got me thinking though. I hear a lot of different stories about how a marriage has failed or is failing and I have noticed something. The person that does more blaming of the other person appears to be hurting more emotionally.

The way I came to this was through my own path of blame. Boy did I hate my ex when we first separated and boy was I unhappy. He was such a horrible person – how could I have married such a horrible person?

As my blame has slowly dissipated (it has turned to gratitude actually) I feel so much happier.

How are you feeling about your relationship? Are you blaming your significant other? How does that make you feel? Is it fixing your relationship?



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