You often hear about people that have figured their lives and career all out. They are working at something that they feel passionate about. People also talk about that space called “Flow.” where everything has come together and life happens beautifully and according to plan. Flow and “being in the zone” are held up to be the lofty ideals of a life well-lived. And having balance, of course. My tagline – not just a balanced budget, a balanced life.

Balance –  it is actually what I dream about and hope for in my life.

Can you imagine? A day where you get up and your day just flows seamlessly along where you get to combine everything you want and need to do. You go to bed feeling content and wake up excited about the day ahead. That is the definition of bliss to me. Well-grounded, with purpose, hope, and passion all encompassed in a balanced life. Oh – and enough money to finance it all (I’d better not forget that one!).

I’m not there yet. I’m definitely not there yet!

How do I know that I’m not there yet?

I work to deadline.

I work in reaction mode,  you know the one,  you start throwing yourself at the latest emergency that turns up in your life.

Then there are some days where I just sit there not being able to do the things I think I should be doing. I spin my wheels, get frustrated and upset.

“I can’t do this work right now!” my body and heart are telling me. My brain tells me I have to. I buckle down and push through.

I end up burnt out and exhausted, a far cry from flow and balance.

Why do I continue to work this way when I know it does not lead to my definition of a life well lived?

I’m listening to my brain too much.

My brain tells me that the definition of a life well lived is financial wealth and achievement. The more financial wealth and achievement, the better.

Brain vs. Heart. I imagine brain like a big heavy-weight champion; it uses brute force and fear to prove it’s right. Heart uses reason, communication, and trial and error to realize that it doesn’t even need to engage with that big Brain bully anymore.

Our society trains us to listen to our brain too much. More is better. More money, more completed tasks, more deadlines met, more, more, more. Our society trains us to focus on the end goal. Society does not train us to focus on the process.  Our society does not help us achieve balance.

What are you prioritizing right now?