I want to use AI to help me live in alignment with my values and purpose.

I want to help prevent people from getting into trouble instead of helping them fix the situation they’ve gotten into. Unfortunately, our systems support us in living our lives in a reactionary “fixing” instead of a prevention mode. I could easily spend my days helping people patch their lives repeatedly, and I do! How do I escape this never-ending vicious cycle of fixing? I think about this constantly – how do we live our lives proactively instead of reactively?

I think about it, but I have no time to change anything because I exist within the system, and, therefore, I don’t have enough time – I am just one more cog in the reactionary systems of our lives.  

You have to know the system to hack the system. Or, you need to understand your life’s constraints to get around them. I do understand the system I live in. My life system is one in which there is not enough time to build a non-reactionary life. My proof of how little time I have will likely resonate: I’ve gotten to the point where I’d prefer not to go on vacations because the time it takes to plan and recover from my time away from my desk leaves me more drained than getting the break I need to keep the balance in my life. So, instead, I read books and take armchair vacations; I run outside and walk my cat, which makes time seem endless :). 

Time – my biggest life constraint – is the resource that I need more of to begin living a proactive life.  

One of the ways I try to help is by writing blog posts. Can AI help speed this process up for me?

So, today, I asked ChatGPT to help.

One example of a flawed system is the Canadian tax system. One of the main issues I help families with is fixing their Canada Child Benefit (“CCB”) problem.

I recently helped a mom who owes $30,000 to the CRA to repay her CCB. The CRA believes she owes them $45,000, and she thinks her former spouse did something fraudulent and was hoping I could help her demonstrate that fraud did happen and she doesn’t owe anything. Instead, she is meeting with a lawyer on Monday after I confirmed she owed $30,000, and it wasn’t because of fraud; it was because the tax system is flawed. This mom is in trouble with the CRA and has another reason not to trust her co-parent. She currently owes $30,000 because of a flawed tax system. How much more will she spend to resolve this situation?  

Almost every client I work with who has children gets into trouble regarding the CCB. The general public does not know about CCB. They didn’t learn about it in our education, legal or medical systems.

OK, ChatGPT, here’s your chance to help. I asked ChatGPT to explain how people get into trouble with the CCB. Here is the ChatGPT post.